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The Potential of the Power Plate

Shake it up, baby!

Do you want to try something new? Whether you want to accelerate a good fitness program or whether you want to rehab more quickly or if you have swelling & circulation issues, you may want to consider this: Several months ago, my colleague told me about a machine she had been using with clients, called Power Plate. It uses whole body vibration with multiple acceleration plates. Think big machine, with a wide place to stand, and buttons to push to add a vibrating experience. It isn’t throwing you off balance or tilting you, but rather you can feel the effects of the vibration because it can exaggerate the effect of the exercise. It recruits more muscle fibers than a static position, so stretches can become deeper or more targeted or more comprehensive because it can help stretch the associated muscles and tissues. And if strengthening is your goal, the acceleration plates help create a more dynamic environment, causing more muscle fibers to be recruited.–> translating into potentially more strength gains.

I have used it in 2 different scenarios. In one case, a woman with a long history of abdominal swelling had an immediate reduction in the swelling after just one session. And several months later, the swelling still has not returned. Pretty awesome.

Another woman with scar tissue in the pelvis had an immediate increase in the vaginal opening. Her goal is pain-free sex, so this allowed her really nice progress toward her goal.

I am super excited about the potential of the Power Plate. Admittedly, I am usually skeptical of any new fitness or health product. A lot of gimmicks or not-so-new ideas are presented as new and groundbreaking. The use of vibration for healing is not new. The use of a dynamic surface to create more muscle fibers is not new. But I have not seen anything like this. And the company does not seem to be resting on its word; it has ongoing research to test the abilities of the product to create change.

Check out their research page:

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