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Make Sure Your Bicycle Fits You!

Not that it is a surprise, but using a well-fitting bicycle can make a big difference in your health. I bought a “sweet bike” a few months ago, but I knew it wasn’t fitting me correctly. Despite my flexibility, good posture, and knowledge of mechanics, my low-back and pelvic area weren’t feeling sweet after riding it. So I finally made the effort to visit Jaime at I Martin Bicycles on Beverly Blvd. (; he specializes in setting up custom-fitted seats and makes other adjustments, because he truly wants people to ride in a strong comfortable position.

1. I knew I couldn’t elongate my spine/trunk. Look below at my previous best effort on the saddle with the old position of the handlebars – my spine was rounded, and I was crunched in the groin and abdomen. Here is the BEFORE picture.2. As seen above, my spine couldn’t elongate, the seat was too low and too narrow for a woman, and there was too much pressure at the vagina. Not comfy at all, but several adjustments did the trick. I bought a custom-sized women’s saddle, and Jaime tilted the seat angle slightly lower in the front to unload pressure and add support under the sitting bones. Staying strong AND feminine is a priority of mine 🙂 and making these easy changes HELPED SO MUCH!

3. My wrists and elbows weren’t the reasons I went in for a bike fitting, but wow, look how much more relaxed and aligned my arms and hands are in the AFTER picture below. I know body alignment very well, but I didn’t know how to make the proper bike adjustments and swap out the hardware, like Jaime does. Together, we created a supremo comfortable ride for my bike.

REMEMBER, you do not have to be uncomfortable riding a bike or doing any of your favorite things! There are so many options and resources out there to help you be stronger, enjoy life, feel good, look good.

There are no excuses, be pro-active in making a happier and healthier you today.