Digestive, Constipation, Reflux & Irritable Bowel

There are many things a person can do to improve digestion and abdominal comfort, beyond dietary changes.  For those who are more prone to sluggish digestion and constipation,- breathing, positioning, exercise, and massage techniques can make a huge difference to increase the ease of BM’s.

If the bowels tend to be more like diarrhea, then a slightly different approach is used.  Often the nervous and/or immune system is involved.  A triggering food or event or even emotion can signal the digestive system to eliminate the food as quickly as possible.  So calming the digestive system and minimizing the triggering event becomes the goal of therapy.

For those with reflux, often the food has difficulty passing easily through the esophagus and stomach into the small intestine, so it lingers there and irritates the surrounding tissues (heartburn).  A person can learn how to breathe a little differently or re-position during eating, or where to press to facilitate the movement of the food thru the digestive system. 

There are many things one can do or learn to make digestion easier and life more comfortable.

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