Pregnancy & Postpartum

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Pregnancy, delivery, and the recovery during the postpartum stage can pose many challenges for a woman.  So many changes occur during the nine-month period; in addition to the obvious weight increase and the stretching of the abdomen, every system of the body shifts to a special stage to take care of the baby and mother.  Many problems can be common, like low-back pain, but they are not inevitable AND more importantly, they can go away during pregnancy if you have a little help and learn how to take care of yourself within your changing body.

The body is much more susceptible to changes as ligaments become looser, making joints looser and more able to become out of alignment or become non-stable.  So learning how to use the core safely is so helpful to keep the joints safe.  Using the deep supportive muscles of the core is not only okay, it is recommended for most women as it supports the structures of the womb (as well as your back and pelvis).  FYI:  the pelvic floor (or kegels) is actually part of the core, so include using them while using the core.  Avoid motions like sit-ups and twists to keep the baby safe.

After the baby is born, the most common area of discomfort is the neck/ shoulder/ upper back/ wrist area, as holding and carrying for the baby adds many new demands to the upper body.  It is important to learn the best posture, especially during activities like lifting and feeding, and to strengthen the upper back and shoulders to lessen the strain.  Get a good start and begin to care for this area before the baby comes.

Pelvic rehabilitation is often important to recover from scar tissue, a strained tailbone, urinary or bowel leakage, or a prolapsed organ.  Balancing the muscles of the pelvis while creating strength and flexibility will allow you to return to all normal functions,- (sex, exercise, urinary and bowel function, exercise, etc.)

When trying to figure out how to care for your new baby, it may be hard to care for yourself, especially in the presence of sleep deprivation.  New mothers may bring in their infants to physical therapy, so you can take care of yourself while still being with the baby.  Any questions, give me a call and let’s get you back on track.

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